Health Care

Topics: Health economics, Medicine, Health care Pages: 3 (1232 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Vincent Mazzaro
One of the most controversial subjects in the news today is health care. The problem is not that the doctors can’t cure all of their patients, but it’s about how costly it is to cure all of these patients. The cost of helping these patients is paid for through Obama’s new national health care, which people’s taxes pay for. However, these taxes are sometimes not afforded by a certain majority of people. This makes matters even worse because all the procedures performed on these non-paying patients are paid for through the tax dollars of the working or insured people who are also gradually experiencing substantially higher taxes. This raises many questions where do the millions of uninsured Americans go for medical services? Why is it that someone who makes more money than someone else be forced to pay for them? Is that not a form of discrimination towards the upper middle class and tax paying citizens? Or perhaps is there a way to help these uninsured citizens by offering an affordable plan? Many would agree that things need to change in order for insured Americans to find a boundary where they wouldn’t have to pay such high taxes for uninsured Americans, while providing for a new way that those uninsured can still manage to get those medical services that they need. Health care technology in America is possibly the best in the world. America continually strives for more prevention and cures for diseases. The United States has the best medical scientists and doctors working in all vital fields of medicine. Although America has all of the advantages of modern medicine there were still more than 45 million uninsured U.S. residents to this date and steadily increasing. With that being said, the problem with health care isn’t with curing the patients, but curing the deficit in which it leaves our insured class in paying for those uninsured Americans who can’t afford the price of it. Many families of the working class that make over...
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