Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Topics: Martial arts, Karate, Mixed martial arts Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: May 5, 2012
Health benefits of martial arts
Martial arts are broadly defined as a series of training steps to achieve the motive of equipping oneself with the craft of self defense. It has been performed throughout the world for the sake of dance performance and as combat sports. Categorically martial arts have got many styles but most predominant all over the world are karate, taekwondo and the art of kick boxing. It greatly improvised the physical health of the person; it acts as a vital weapon to protect oneself, and is just not limited to building up physical strength but also inculcates a tremendous amount of mental and emotional strength. It imparts an incredible amount of coordination between brain and body and strengthens the power of soul (Claudio A. Iedwab, 2000). Apart from its fundamental objective of self defense there are great many other advantages that we can reaped by carefully learning the tactics involved in martial arts. Like it helps to release stress, depression, anxiety, frustration, aggression and provides control on actions and helps to soothe nerves .It reduces agitation and provides peace to mind, body and soul. It acts as a tool to take out apprehensions and surmount all kind of fears and subdue by the moral, physical and mental power. There is no age limitation or barrier one can start at any point in time to harvest the unprecedented outcomes. This will subjugate all doubts and boost the level of confidence and self determination. Martial Arts propagate positivity in an individual and help to handle all kind of circumstances efficiently and effectively. (Coxley, 1999)

It replenishes the lives of its practitioners with joy, satisfaction, sense of accomplishment, recognition, and relaxation. Martial arts are an invaluable way to enrich your self esteem by intensifying the capacity of both mind and body. It propels us to take lead in life by holding a constraint on stress and agitation and prevents all sort of emotional disturbances. It is...

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