Health at Risk When the Medical Field Needs More Health Care Professionals

Topics: Health care, Nursing, Medicine Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Neisha Kendrick
English Composition I
Mr. Mansure
Tuesday Evening Class

“The Rewards & Drawbacks of Americas Future Nurses”

In discussions of health care Nurses are needed twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. There are many advantages and disadvantages in the health care field as a Nurse. The health care occupation of a Nurse has many benefits and it is not just a career but also something any health care professional can take pride in. Although one controversial issue the health care field faces today in America is the shortage of nursing staff.

As a Nurse it can offer voluminous job security. Due to the demanding health care needs in people today the healthcare field for Nurses is what is also known as “booming”. There are many people that always get sick, injured, diseased, and hospitalized on a daily basis with chronic and acute illnesses. As long as the economy increases in population and health care field there will always be a need for Nurses.

Many Nurses can work all types of odd hours of the day which can be a tremendous benefit. Most nurses get paid over time for working extra hours. According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics a Nurses salary can vary from $33,840to $71,490 per year. Almost all Nurses are needed around the clock. It is a known fact that some Nurses that are usually undergraduates will end up working the over-night and late shifts. My own view as a college student and Nursing health care professional is that I myself can testify as a living witness on the rewards and drawbacks of the Nursing field. I currently work at Delaware County Memorial Hospital as a flexible health care professional and currently go to College majoring in Nursing. I enjoy the rewards of becoming a Nurse because I can celebrate the fact that I am gaining skills and knowledge through what I enjoy and look forward to becoming a Nurse someday. Even though working late shifts at the hospital in the Nursing field can...
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