Health Assignment 2

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Answer 2:
When buying indoor and outdoor equipment, there are numerous safety criteria’s that needs to be taken in account for the following:-
Baby and toddler unit
There should be no parts smaller than a ping pong ball, no sharp or rough edges nor any such parts that are broken off
They should be washable and hygienic
They should be safe and durable. One must check for sharp edges, small parts that may break off and non toxic durable paints
It should be too large to be swallowed
The equipment should be labelled as non toxic
Equipment must not break easily or chip off from the edges. Nor must it have any jagged edges that could harm them
The equipment must not have any detachable pieces which can harm the baby or toddler in any case or lodge into a child’s ear, nostrils or the windpipe
The equipment must not catch a child’s hair or pinch fingers
In the equipment, there should be no opening between 3.5 to 9 inches as a child can place his or her body in the opening and get stuck. This can sometimes lead to sudden death. Since the hand is wider than the body the head may not be able to pass through. Hence, resulting in serious injury or death.
Children aged 3-6 years
While choosing equipment for children of this age, one must look into the design and quality construction of the equipment before one decides to buy it
Equipments that produce a lot of noise should be avoided while buying for children of this age because this can damage their hearings and propelled objects can injure the eyes
When buying the equipment for the children of this age, many factors needs to be taken into consideration i.e. age, interest of the child, a child’s abilities, and also according to the developmental level of the child.
Toys or equipments that are bought should be such which can be easily handled by the child. They shouldn’t be too complex for a

Bibliography: Marotz, L. 2009. Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child. 8th Ed. Clifton Park, NY: Thomson Delmar Learning.

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