Health Assessment and Health Promotion with Intervention

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NMS08101 Healthy Lives

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2nd May 2012
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Introduction Page 2 Health Assessment Pages 2-4 Discussion on key health issues Pages 4-5 Exploration of Interventions and Management Plan Pages 5-7 Conclusion Page 7 Reflection Page 8 References Pages 9-10

For the purpose of this essay I have chosen a client to discuss health assessment, health in ageing and the importance of health promotion with intervention. The client is Jean Green, a fifty-five year old lady who is in full time employment at a biscuit factory. She lives with her husband in their bought house and has three grown up children and five grandchildren, two of whom she sees regularly. She would like a better work/life/family balance and is beginning to feel strained as she states she is ‘a bit fed up and tired’. Over the years Jean has adopted some health damaging behaviours such as cigarette smoking. These behaviours will be addressed by using the, Five key risk indicators from the Scottish Health Survey (2010). The Nursing Midwifery Council Code of Professional Conduct (NMC 2004) states that nurses must protect and support the health of others. Therefore to have any improvement on Jeans lifestyle behaviours a holistic assessment will be conducted. Holistic care means ‘the whole person’, assessing all aspects of Jeans health. This is her physical, psychological, social and spiritual state (Dossey et al 2005). I will utilise Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Maslow 2011). Maslow’s model is used to assess the needs of individuals. From the health assessment it will be apparent that Jean has two main health issues that will be addressed, these are diet and exercise. The management of Jeans health issues will be determined by her own perceptions of her health and her ability to change. Current guidelines from the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) and appropriate assessment tools will be used throughout. I will access appropriate literature by conducting a database search in CINAHL Plus by using search words ‘motivational interviewing’ and ‘changing behaviour’. A conclusion will then be presented which will summarise the key issues discussed, identify new learning and suggest how Jeans health could stay improved. When conducting Jeans physical health assessment it is evident that Jean is clinically overweight. Jean is aware of this as she states that she ‘should lose weight’. Her body mass index (BMI) was calculated, by recording her weight and height then dividing her weight in KG by her height in metres squared. Jeans BMI was 35, this is classed as obese. Due to her BMI being over 30. (SIGN Guideline115, 2010) Management of obesity would assist the health professional in treating Jeans obesity. The guideline states patients should be encouraged to change their diet from energy dense foods to low energy dense foods such as whole grains,...

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