Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment

Family Health Assessment

Nurses, in order to practice effectively, must assess consciously and unconsciously to determine the needs of the client (McCain, 1965, pg. 82). The functional abilities of the patient are selected based on the assessment. Marjorie Gordon proposed functional health patterns as a guide to provide a comprehensive nursing assessment of the patient (Gordon, 1994). Gordon’s health patterns are categorized into 11 possible approaches to collect data and assist the nurse to determine aspects of health and human function. Its intension is to assist with utilizing the nursing process. The functional health patterns categories capture the holistic, spiritual, emotional and social aspects of the whole person. Health perception and health management pattern is relative to the patient’s perceived health status and practices used to reach his/her current level to well-begin. Nutritional-Metabolic pattern describes nutritional intake relative to metabolic needs. Elimination patterns focused on bowel, bladder or skin assessment and function. Activity and exercise pattern assessment centers on activity level and energy levels needs to perform activities of daily living. Cognitive-perceptual pattern focuses on the patient’s ability to follow and understand directions, ability to comprehend and use information. Sleep and rest pattern describes pattern of sleep, rest and relaxation. Self-perception, self-concept patterned assessment of body image and self-worth. Role-relationship pattern is focus on the patient’s role within the family and relationships. Sexual-reproductive assessment is focused on sexual relationships and reproductive history. Coping and stress tolerance assessment describes general coping patterns and effectiveness of the pattern in terms of stress tolerance. Lastly, value-belief pattern assessment includes religious beliefs and value system (Edelman, 2010). The family assessment of the Filipino client proved uneventful and interesting. The questions asked from the functional health patterns address health beliefs-perceptions, nutrition and role relationships. Filipinos spend a lot of the time working. Preventive health care usually take a backseat. They live to self-diagnosis, self-medicate and seek alternative care. Home remedies in the form of medicinal herbs are believed to heal common aliments (Ordonez, 2004, pg.25). This practice prevents early treatment and diagnosis. Some believe in “soul loss” and that sleep related to the wandering of the soul out of the body known as “bangungot” of nightmares after a heavy meal may result in “death” (Ordonez, 2004, pg.25). Health prevention among the Filipinos almost always begins with self-monitoring of the symptoms. This is done not to cause an economic or emotional inconvenience to the family. Severe symptoms such as pain or physical impairment would motivate one to seek advice from a trusted friend or family member in the healthcare field (Becker, 2003, pg.113.). Screening programs such as mammograms, pap smears, blood test for cholesterol and glucose maybe delayed or rejected in fear of “external forces”(Ordonez, 2004, pg. 25). Older women who are active in the church tend to participate in promotional programs and screenings. The answer to questions about health belief and perception from the client was generalized. She felt that her “health could be better”. The second question asked addressed nutrition. Nutrition in the Filipino culture has strict eating patterns. They eat three meals a day and snacks two time between the day meals. Nutrition pattern assessment of the client revealed a typical cultural diet that could cause weight gain and health problems. Food is seen as gift from God. Watching one’s diet is viewed as an important component of healthy living. Food is very important to the Filipino culture as it symbolizes sharing and reciprocity. Relationships are developed at the...
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