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How Juvenile diabetes impact with adult client in the ability to cope up with stress. Maintaining good quality of life (QOL) is the challenge in adulthood for diabetes patient .With diabetes from childhood, the client will develop coping style which includes- Develop resilience which is the capacity to maintain psychological and physical well being to face diabetes. Develop problem solving ,planning and organizational skills to manage diabetes Show emotional and self controlled coping style

Follow good diet and exercise, blood sugar monitoring and medication. Accepts social support
Care plan-Expected outcome for adults with Juvenile Diabetes Client will maintain a balanced diet –meeting the nutritional demands of the body. Will demonstrate compliance to restricted life style-dietary management .exercise, medication, self blood sugar monitoring and insulin administration. Demonstrate knowledge about diabetes process and treatment options. Goal settings to promote health and problem solving for daily living Integrating psycho-social adjustments to daily living

Show positive signs and hope for the future.

Develop health screening, health promotion, health interventions and education Identify the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and take action according to the symptoms Acknowledge the risk of infection with diabetes and capable to prevent the risk Comply with regular check up

Proper foot and skin care-check skin and foot daily
Yearly eye exam
Exercise regularly
Maintain good eating pattern and dietary habits to stabilize blood sugar level. Consult with dietitian to make healthy diet plan.
Involves family in the diabetes care plan
National Diabetes Resources
American diabetes association
American Diabetes Association is a national association working to fight against diabetes. The association provides funds to manage cure and prevent all types of diabetes. The ADA delivers service to hundreds of communities providing...
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