Health and Wellness Program

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Health Pages: 8 (2370 words) Published: December 18, 2010
Robin Phillips
CGD 218 Visual Literacy in Business
Health and Wellness Program
Dr. Ashish Godbole
October 9, 2010

Due to the rising costs of health care insurance, it would be very beneficial to employees as well as Companies/Organizations themselves to implement a health and wellness program in work places. Facilitating a Health and Wellness Program in the workplace is the greatest assessment an employer can make because it would be an investment in their most valuable asset, the employees. With there being more urgency today than ever before, America is under pressure to be productive even as healthcare costs proceed to rise and bombard the most important resource, the employees. Research and data show: •Health and Wellness in the workplace that contain fitness machinery have lowered employer healthcare expenditure by 20 to 55 %. •Unnecessary sicknesses make up 70 % of illness expenditure in the U.S. •The study of Health and Wellness in the workplace indicate that by lowering any one health risk factor, a person’s productivity on the job can increase by 9 % and lower absenteeism by 2 %. •For every one dollar that a company spends on a Health and Wellness program in the workplace, it receives an average network profit of $3.40 to $7.88 (, 2008, Health and Wellness in the Workplace). The achievement of any company/organization relies greatly upon the production and work performance of its employees. The ability to do a job and do it at a high level time and again is significantly aided by Health and Wellness Programs. They focus on the physical health of the employees, ensuring medical requirements and personal health as a main concern. The implementation of a Health and Wellness Program has been proven efficient in lowering company/organization health care expenditure. Rising health expenditure meant that employers were searching for a way to reduce the cost while sustaining healthy employees. Health and Wellness Programs noticeably lower the elevated rate of employee health care cost in the workplace. There are numerous factors that sway a person’s health and well being. These can be minor inflictions like a cold, flu, major heart problems or obesity. Any one of these might result in the employee being off from work. A Health and Wellness Program may possibly reduce the amount of time that an employee is off from work or maybe avoid it all together. Reduced absenteeism means a reduction in costs and enhances productivity. Employee Health and Wellness Programs have an array of advantages for employers. For the company/organization as a whole, one of the most important benefits is the decline in the companies overall expenditure. Things like declining sick leave, absenteeism, and lower health care expenditure contribute to an extensive reduction in overall costs. The main goal of a Health and Wellness Program is to inspire employees to conduct healthier lifestyles. It has been established that when an employee is healthy, they produce or put out more work. Being healthy increases attentiveness, energy levels, and productivity which is a result of the accomplishment of Health and Wellness Programs. Health and Wellness Programs have had an enduring effect on the cost of sick leave. Through instruction, training management, and lifestyle direction, these types of programs have significantly lowered the cost of sick leave as well as increased work performance on the job. Health insurance cost is rising every year and is now to the point where employers have to look for new ways to lower their health everyday expenditure. Health and Wellness Programs have exposed unbelievable returns and amazing results. Health expenditure for companies using Health and Wellness Programs are extensively reduced (Top 10 reasons why your company needs an Employee Wellness Program, nd). As stated by Gordian Health Solutions, the efficiency of wellness programs in refining health and lowering healthcare costs is...
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