Health and Wellness

Topics: Health, Nursing, Health care Pages: 4 (1351 words) Published: April 12, 2011
As a nurse, there will be several realms of thinking that interconnect in order to provide efficient care for patients. The information collected by the nurse for an individual helps shape how care is given based on the patient’s idea of health, illness, and wellness and also is determined by the nurse’s own ethical, legal and advocacy beliefs and practices. These two points are then brought together to help form a workable nursing process that is effective for the patient. In order to show how these processes work together in helping to provide the best care possible for any patient, I will use examples of how I utilize pertinent information to form an effective nursing process, by using information obtained from my mother Josie. Talking with and knowing my mother I have been able to develop and understanding on how she perceives the ideas of health, illness, and wellness. She sees health as encompassing a person as a whole, to include not only the body but also the mind. She leads a relatively active lifestyle and tries to maintain a healthy diet in order to achieve a healthy weight. She knows that by leading a healthy lifestyle that she is less likely to become ill. She also believes that health involves a mental or social well-being and tries to obtain this area of her life by going on outings with friends and participating in book clubs. While she tries to maintain health, if she does become ill she does usually put off going to the doctor for a while until basically she is unable to cope with whatever is ailing her. However, once she does seek medical care she does follow the doctor’s advice and instructions in order to regain optimal health. As for the matter of wellness, she doesn’t put a lot of effort into an overall wellness because she tends to let herself stress out a lot and does not really do much to help manage it. She also has a lower maintenance of wellness because she does not immediately seek medical attention whenever she falls ill....

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