Health and Wellbeing

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Foundation Certificate in Rehabilitation and Reablement

Health and Wellbeing Self Study Pack

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Question 1

Write a couple of paragraphs on your definition of health and wellbeing and what that might mean for yourself and those you support. (350 words)

My definition of health and wellbeing would be to fit and active, to be free from aches and pains, to be well and have enough energy to participate in all the things that I enjoy such as dog walking, travelling, walking on beaches, dancing, riding pillion on motorbikes and to keep doing things that I used to take for granted such as climbing up and down the steps on an aeroplane.

Feeling well would in turn help me to maintain a positive attitude, to feel good, to be included with activities with my family and friends, to remain working which in turn would enable me to live in a nice environment and to have enough money to enable me to make choices about how I wish to spend my spare time.

Poor health for me would reduce my wellbeing if I was unable to participate in the things that I enjoy or be unable to go to work which I also enjoy.

The loss of these things could result in low mood, isolation or having to rely on other people to support me which I would find difficult.

Maintaining a positive attitude can also affect behaviour at work which could increase communication. Using these values at work helps me to understand that we all have slightly different definitions of health and well being depending on lots of factors such as age, medical conditions, and environment and that communication with workers and service users helps me to enable or support them with the choices or direction they choose. It also helps me identify the impact loss of wellbeing has and to suggest small changes that could make a difference such as regaining skills that have been not used, eg. kitchen skills. Service users are now encouraged to participate in their meal preparation and the feedback has been that they feel much better, feel more included rather than have meals placed in front of them by well meaning relatives who by trying to look after them actually de-skilled them and then considered them depressed and needing more help than was necessary.

Question 2

Write a couple of sentences to describe each of the Medical, Lay, and Social models of Health. (300 words)


The medical model is a scientific approach which defines health as being free from disease and that medicines and medical treatments can restore the body to good does not take into account other factors that have an impact on health such as improved nutrition, education and environment.


The lay concept of health is more positive and takes into account factors such as age, gender and social circumstance differences Older people tend to view health in a different way to younger people. Older people tend to define health as ill health or the ability to cope with illnesses or ailments which are often life long. Younger people tend to define health in terms of fitness, strength or energy.


The social model of health takes into account aspects such as where we live, age, lifestyle, upbringing, gender and social group. The outcome of these factors could be positive or negative, for example the environment that you live in or friends that you mix with can influence you to abuse your body by smoking, excessive drinking or drug abuse, or to focus on a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily and be involved in sport or exercise.

Everyone makes choices and this determines the positive or negative outcome, an example of this is smoking where there is lots of evidence that it is harmful to health but people still choose to do it. Health promotion campaigns are developed by the government to...
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