Health and Sports

Topics: Blood, Exercise physiology, VO2 max Pages: 8 (3273 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Health and Sports for Life
Technology has a large impact on the society of today. All the new equipment being received on market has made our lives easier by avoiding a large percent of body movements. Physical fitness is very important for every human being. It’s defined as a set of attributes that people have or achieve that relates to the ability to perform physical activity. In physical activity, a person must perform bodily movements produced by the contraction of skeletal muscles and that to a large extent gives us a get-up-and-go outflow. It’s important to maintain our bodies in good physical shape two ways can include performance related fitness, and the other health related fitness. The differences of the two are that performance fitness includes sports, and health fitness includes exercise. Many things that have being released on market and brought out to our presence have made us lack exercise in many ways. A few examples would be cars, cleaning utensils, services, and computers. Several of people take advantage of their cars. They would drive anywhere they please to including a corner store. Also, I have seen situations where drivers park as close to the mall or the store in order to be closer to there car as they walk out. Walking to your car with a bag of groceries can include a small amount of exercise if you are parked within a further distance. Rather then closely in front of the store you have just stepped out of. Cleaning utensils as well have made our chores that are also consider exercise a much easier and comfortable task. A few things are vacuums, swiffer, swiffer wetjet, magic mops, and scrubbing bubbles. All these things avoid much body movements then a person should. As an alternative you can use a broom instead of vacuums, an actual mop instead of swiffer’s that don’t give your body any motion. You can also, scrub dirt off your tub with a brush instead of letting chemicals to do the job for you. Many services also make us humans become lazy. Such as, delivery services, cleaning services, bus services, and car wash service, and limousine- livery services. All these things are available and instead of using them when necessary we tend to take full advantage of it. We could take a walk a day as an exercise. Rather then taking the bus, or doing the cleaning ourselves as a replacement for money. Lastly, are computers many errands can be completed only a click away. We can make payments online, order online, and communicate with people online. Instead of accomplishing these possessions on a more personal note to allow body movements, we take the easy way out. Allowing everything to be completed the simplest way, lacking physical activity. Cardio respiratory endurance is the aptitude to obtain, transport, and remove oxygen for physical work. This is the ability to maintain a physical charge at a given intense level. Throughout this work out, the body’s circulatory and respiratory systems that are the heart and lungs, for the most part contributes fuel and oxygen to the muscles. Actions such as running, walking, swimming, and bicycling recover cardio respiratory endurance. Aerobics is a type of physical exercise that combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and muscle training routines with the purpose of improving all elements of fitness. A person who can perform aerobics has the ability to sustain the intensity or the energy requirement for longer then a couple of minutes. This is known as steady state and can be done only during aerobics, and it represents a level of hard work that feels reasonably comfortable to the person who is exercising. Aerobic capability or maximum oxygen burning up is symbolized by Vo2 max. It is the most important factor of physical fitness and is the base of total fitness. Heart rate is established by the amount of heartbeats per unit of time. It can differ as the body's desire for oxygen changes. The depth of heart rate is used by medical...
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