health and social care unit 2 M2

Topics: Disability, Wheelchair, Developmental disability Pages: 3 (1714 words) Published: May 13, 2015
M2 - Explain the possible impact of the Disability Discrimination Act in promoting anti discriminatory practice. L/O: understand how national initiatives promote anti discriminatory practice. In 1995, there was a Disability Discrimination Act put in place which ensured that people with disabilities were treated equally to everyone else, this meant it was illegal to discriminate against disabled people in relation to employment, the provision of goods and services, education and transport. However, in 2010, there was a newer act put in place, the Equality Act which took over the Disability Discrimination Act, although the principles still exist where they will protect all people which are disabled in some way. There are a range of different types of disabilities which exist amongst UK which the Discrimination Act protects you from and doesn’t allow you to be discriminated against. A type of disability is an impairment, this includes a person’s eyes or ears where they may need glasses or a hearing aid. Furthermore, there are also disabilities which aren’t always constantly obvious and are under control, however may flare up from time to time, for example epilepsy, Chrome fatigue syndrome or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Another type of disability could be Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple sclerosis, Dementia etc. which are all conditions which get progressively worse after diagnosis throughout a person’s life which can cause many difficulties throughout life. There are also disabilities which are organ specific, these may include having a heart attack, liver failure, a stroke etc. which also aren’t always obvious on the first sighting of someone. Another disability type would be those that you’re either born with or can develop throughout life, these may include dyslexia, autism or dyspraxia which all in terms of children mean they may be disabled, however may be still able to attend main stream school and attempt to fit in with everyone else like normal, these may also...
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