Health and Social Care - Unit 32

Topics: Bone, Osteoporosis, Osteoclast Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Unit 32
Factors affecting growth and repair
In this assignment I am going to explain the factors that might affect the growth and repair of bones. There are many different factors that can affect the growth and repair of the bones I am going to explore 4 factors and these are; * Exercise: Doing regular exercise helps build the muscle’s in the body, but it also helps maintain the bones and increase the bones strength. Exercise causes the muscle to contract against the bone. This action then stresses or also stimulates the bone and the bone will start to become stronger and denser. When people think of exercise they think of continuously but even walking and movement around the day can help to strengthen the bones. Starting from a younger age with exercise will help the bones to get stronger as the person gets older and there bones will gain strength. The best exercise for the bones is the weight-bearing kind, which forces the bones to work against gravity. Certain cells called osteoblasts constantly bring calcium into bones to make them stronger and osteoclasts take calcium from bones. Exercise increases the rate that osteoblasts strengthen bones. Inactivity weakens the bones. So any exercise that places force on a bone will strengthen the bone. Most people achieve their peak bone mass in their 30s. After that, the strength and density of bones begins to decline. Exercising slows the process of decline and helps prevent fractures and osteoporosis.

* Diet: One of the key nutrients that the body needs for bone growth and development is calcium, this is normally found in different foods and especially in milk. It is important that calcium is took in a diet because is not it can lead to the bones being weaker and can be prone to break more easily.

many other important functions. Because calcium has so many important jobs, it’s important to get enough of it in your diet.

The amount of calcium you need depends on a number of different factors,...
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