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In this report I will be describing different patterns of ill health and who and how they are monitored. I will also try to explain different factors that affect our health, not only now but I will try to discuss how different factors fight effect our health in the future, I will then evaluate the influence of the government have on factors that affect ill health. There are many ways but I’m going to talk about four of them which are ways we monitor health in the UK these are…. Public health England

Public health England is an organisation used to “protect and improve the nation’s health and wellbeing and reduce equality’s” ( Mainly they collect data based on the health of the nation they then go away and identify answers to different health problems. All the data is collected by professionals with different specialisms like scientists researchers and different health care professionals. Office for national statistics

The ONS is a recognised national statistical institute within the UK, used to promote good practice and to offer advice for long term improvement within businesses and communities ( Its main purpose is to collect and present data to different scientists to show different trends in health. The office for national statistics monitor’s health by different assessments that are all within different codes of practice. Health watch Cornwall

Health watch Cornwall is the independent peoples champion for publically funded health and social care services. It strives to make positive changes in this provision to benefit the people of Cornwall. Their main responsibilities are to gather views from the public and try to understand different experiences of the public, engage with diverse community’s to help people opinion be heard, promote the involvement of the public in local care settings, recommend investigations or special reviews of different service providers to the care quality commission and provide advice and support to people...
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