Health and Social Care - Service User Needs

Topics: Health care, Psychology, Health Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Primary Data
Identify the needs of the person who uses services – relate this to PIES AO4 – A3
How does the Derby Health Service meet the needs of Sophie?
Individual service users have a range of needs, which must be met, including physical, intellectual, emotional ad social needs. In my case study, a care worker, a nurse and a doctor who in turn identified Sophie’s range of needs carried out Sophie’s care assessment. They then developed a plan to meet Sophie’s needs. This next section covers a range of approaches used in Health and Social Care to help services and practitioners meet the needs of individuals. An analysis of how practitioners meet the needs of Sophie and her family Physical Health

Firstly, Sophie’s strengths and needs were considered. Her general health was discussed in relation to Sophie’s condition and impairments; access to and use of dentist, GP, optician; immunisations, development checks, hospital admissions, accidents, health advice and information. Next, Sophie’s physical development was assessed in relation to her nourishment, activity, relation, vision and hearing, fine motor skills (e.g. drawing), gross motor skills (e.g. mobility, playing games and sport). In addition, her speech language and communication skills were assessed. These included her preferred communication language, listening, responding and understanding. The care workers needed to ensure that Sophie had basic care, ensuring her safety and protection. Finally, it was important to confirm that Sophie was provided with food, drink, warmth, shelter, appropriate clothing and that her personal needs were assessed within a safe and healthy environment. Social Health

Next, Sophie’s behavioural development including her lifestyle, self-control, behavior with peers, attention span and concentration were looked at. Then Sophie was assessed for her perceptions of self knowledge of personal and family history, sense of belonging, experiences of discrimination due to race,...
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