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Topics: Communication, The Residents, Want Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: May 16, 2014
There were many factors which influenced both my one-to-one and group interaction. For my 1st interaction which was my one-to-one there were many factors which made the interaction effective for example: listening, responding, tone, pace, language, appropriate environment, repeating, questioning and responding to difficult situations. Listening is an effective factor because you will never receive the correct message if you don’t listen. As communicating with elderly people you always need to co-operate with them as danger could always occur. If you don’t listen to what they are saying things can go wrong which is where accidents happen. In my one-to-one communication there wasn’t a time i wasn’t paying attention to what the resident had to say. If this wouldn’t have happened and i would of been focusing on someone else something could of happened like the resident had an accident and weed. Responding is also another effective factor because if you don’t respond to your receiver in this case a resident they won’t get anywhere and won’t resolve whatever may occur. This means if you never respond to whoever your communicating with nothing will change. During my one-to-one communication if i didn’t respond to the resident they could become anxious and scared because they don’t know what is happening. For example when the resident asked who one of the visitors was if i didn’t respond correctly to her she would have bad feelings and become scared. Another effective factor is the tone you use when you’re communicating. This is because if you’re speaking very quietly to a resident its more likely you will have to repeat yourself because they won’t hear you. However if your tone in voice is really loud there’s a chance you will make the resident feel uncomfortable and frightened because for some reason they will feel like you’re having ago at them. Doing that won’t make things easier it will just make the resident worse because sometimes they don’t understand why...
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