health and social care level 3

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Care of residents Pages: 4 (2104 words) Published: October 19, 2014
One to one
Effective one to one communication in a health and social care requires, listening skills, information- giving skills and questioning skills. Care workers communicate one to one on a daily basis in informal communication and formal communication. Informal communication can take place when a care worker is communicating with another work colleague who is also a friend, or when they have built a relationship with a patient or relative that they have known very well. One to one communication is used on a daily basis within the health and social care sector so they can provide the best amount of care to those who are in need, an example of this is in a doctors surgery. The type of care provided in a doctor surgery is very formal between the Doctors and patient. A Doctors communication and interpersonal skills gives the ability to gather information in order to facilitate accurate diagnosis, counsel appropriately and give therapeutic instructions and establish caring relationships with patients. Groups

Group communication can be a difficult one especially in health and social care as it’s only effective if everyone is involved, because some care workers are more opinionated than others. Group work is more effective if there is a team leader or if someone takes charge. An example of group communication in Health and social is when social services have meeting regarding individuals. Normally these types of group discussions communicate in a formal way but can also be informal towards the young person attended the meeting. This happens so the young person will be able to understand the meeting and exactly what is going on. Formal

Formal communication is a form of communication used in a professional setting where members of staff put themselves in a situation which allows them to introduce themselves and discuss health and social care matters. For example a parent and teacher conversation would be formal as you speak with respect and...
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