health and social care

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Communication in simple terms is the act of transferring information from one place to another i.e. sender to a receiver, and can be carried out in many different ways. Based on the ideas and feelings of Carl Rogers, we need to establish a professional relationship based on core conditions. Being genuine with the person

Total acceptance of the person Feeling and showing empathy towards the person In order to put these conditions in practise, communication is essential. Abraham Maslow, was a human physiologist, and studied the needs of each person at a point in their life. He concluded that all needs of humans could be arranged into a hierarchy. He felt that at a different point in time, humans would fulfil each level of the hierarchy triangle, however some people may have a dominant need at a particular level, and thus never move through the triangle. -333375125095

Communication enables people to value others and build positive self concept Reduce feelings of threat, lack of communication may cause a feeling of threat.

Within the health and social care industry, communication is a key for many reasons. Some of these may include: To share ideas, information, express feelings, build relationships, build trust, and gain an understanding. Good communication skills are essential to maintain relationships, to understand and be understood, to give and receive information, to share knowledge, feelings, emotions and opinions, and to encourage and show others they are valued. Within a health and social care setting, communication skills are essential on a daily basis. To communicate with members of staff to allow effective team working and continuous care, communicate with patients and families. To report any health and safety issues. Service users need to feel they can communicate with carers to express their needs and preferences to ensure their needs and wants are fulfilled at all times. Formal communication:

Communication can be...

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