Health and Social Care

Topics: Abuse, Prejudice, Bullying Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: June 22, 2013
P2- Describe Discriminatory practice in health and social care Unit 2- Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care. M. Ugiagbe O.Chowdhury

Infringement Infringement of rights is when we are not respecting an individual’s rights and not letting them practise their religion or culture. This may then lead an individual feeling devalued and unhappy, which can then affect . their health. Covert abuse of power Covert abuse of power is when an individual uses a hidden power to discriminate in terms of health and social care, health care professionals may end up treating service users differently compared to others. This then will lead to the individual of not getting the same level of treatment, which may jeopardise their health and well-being Stretch and whitehouse, 2010, page 67 & page 68

Overt abuse of power Overt abuse of power is when an individual openly uses power to discriminate others and this has comparable outcomes to covert abuse of power; which is: it can affect an individual health or perhaps even their mental, if they notice that they are being discriminated against. Prejudice Prejudice is negative and preconceived ideas about others which arises from a person’s negative ideas about that individual that may occur from an individuals negative ideas about that individual. This will affect the individual’s health or social care. Stereotyping Stereotyping is when an individual makes an assumption about an group or individual. For example, all Muslims are terrorist, as a minority of the followers did something silly, now all Muslims are judged bad due to what the minority has done. Stretch and whitehouse, 2010, 68

Labelling When you label an individual, you are fundamentally putting them into a stereotypical class of people. For example, if you like rap music some people might automatically label you as a ‘Gangster or thug' which is very stereotypical especially if you aren't a gangster or thug. Bullying Bullying is when a group or...
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