Health and Social Care

Topics: Self-esteem, Adultism, Motivation Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: April 18, 2013
* Marginalisation, means being pushed to the margins of society, this means that you are unable to participate in the health and care services that are available. In health and social care no one should be marginalised no matter what their background is circumstances, sexual orientation on health status. * Disempowerment means that a group of people are discriminated, by the health professions it could be the nurses in the hospital discriminating against the group of people; this also means that the group of people cannot stand up for themselves because they are scared. * Low esteem and self identity

Discrimination can also lead to people loosing their self esteem , however some people who are already vulnerable man have low self esteem before they start using the health and social care service. A person who has low self esteem will experience negative self identity this would bring feelings of worthless and depression. The health and social care professional needs to ensure that the individual self-esteem is balanced. * Negative behaviour aggression fight response, biological changes.** * Restricted opportunities, discrimination can stop a person receiving health treatment, all types of discrimination may lead to a person not really using the health and social care provision, this may lead to poorer health. * Low esteem just means that a person could feel helpless and powerless to cope and even feel depressed, in an health and social care environment an example is where a patient from the hospital is feeling depressed. * Negative behaviours including aggression and criminality **

M1 case studies ***
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