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Assignment 307
Task A
Ai) Key legislation relating to health and safety in a social care setting: * Health and safety at work act 1974
* Manual handling operations regulations 1992
* The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 * Reporting injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences
* First aid regulations 1981
* Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999

Aii) Health and safety policies and procedures protect people using health and social care settings in a variety of different ways. Some policies and procedures are fundamental tools that shape the way the service providers deliver their care or support. Health and safety policies and procedures protect service users by ensuring that they are not exposed to preventable, dangerous situations. For example; in my work setting, many of the companions work on the farm. The farm team does vigorous health and safety checks on the working environment and equipment to ensure that it is safe for use for both service users and providers. If these checks were not completed, one risks exposing others to dangerous situations, which could have otherwise been prevented. Policies and procedures ensure the continual maintenance and renewal of regulations relating to the provision of work and work environment to ensure that the safety of those involved in the delivery and receiving is maintained at all times.

Aiii) Health and safety policies and procedures are also implemented to protect the service providers in a given work setting. Related policies and procedures give clear and detailed instructions as to what to do in the case of a health and safety related issue. Health and safety policies also ensure that staff members are well informed of the procedures relating to health and safety matters and provide training and guidance when necessary. Policies and procedures relating to health and safety also provide people with information regarding the risks involved in any given health and safety related task. For example, manual handling policies and procedures are put in place to minimise the risk of injury when completing manual handling operations. Policies and procedures provide service providers the necessary responsibilities and limitations of their job description and deliver detailed guidelines on how to best handle certain situations.

Aiv) Although there are a great number of health and safety related policies and procedures in any given social care setting, the responsibilities between the different individuals vary hugely depending on who you are and what relationship you have within the service. Social care providers for example have a responsibility to follow regulations, policies and procedures relating to the provision of their care in order to deliver a high standard of personalised treatment to service users. They should also take reasonable measures to ensure that they do not put themselves in unnecessarily risky situations. Employees should also adhere to their companies risk assessment management policies and be aware of the individuals they are supporting own personal support or care plans to ensure they are not exposed to risks that may jeopardise their health and safety. Employees should also adhere to the documentation processes that are in place at their work setting to preserve the health and safety of the people they are supporting. For example; filling out an incident form when a dangerous incident has occurred. Employers on the other hand have a very different role, they are required by law to provide safe and hygienic working environments and offer items of personal protection where necessary. Employers are also legally obliged to provide safe and well-maintained working equipment and offer adequate training to staff and service users where necessary. Employers also have a legal obligation to provide information relating to matters of health and safety, for example, providing a health and safety...

References: 1992. Manual handling. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 9 Jun 2013].
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