health and safety task 2 ASSIGNMENT

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TASK 2 – P2, M1


P2) Outline how legislation, policies and procedures relating to health, safety and security influence health and social care settings •

Legislation in a law or a group of laws in which ensures any actions and practices are carried out. • A regulation or regulations is a principle rule law (legal rules) which have to be applied in care settings that supplement the HASAWA, regulations are also designed to control behavior.
• Policies is a plan of action which helps individuals follow what the legislation states.
• Liability is taking responsibility for something.
• A guideline is a statement of a policy or procedure which helps individuals to follow the regulations. • Codes of practice is the standards of good practice care and conduct which are expected from the employees and the employers.
Roles and responsibilities
Our role as health care practitioners is to abide by the legislations and follow the policies and procedures that are in place in a setting, this ensures the safety of individual 's and ourselves. We also have a responsibility to be vigilant when we are working within health and safety hazards. We should also report any hazards we see that can pose a risk for example a wet floor, this should be reported somewhere safe. We have to be knowledgeable about the health and safety requirements in a setting for example where to go if there is a fire in a school. Policies should also be followed in a setting regarding to the health and safety of individuals.

There are many requirements for the HASAWA. One requirement for the HASAWA is that there should be safe lifting and handling. There should also be safe training for employees and good standards of heating and ventilation. There should be safe disposal of chemical waste, this is when chemical waste is placed in a separate bag and there should be very high standards of hygiene e.g. washing hands, nails

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