Health and Safety Regulations in the Workplace

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Injury, Accident Pages: 1 (465 words) Published: March 17, 2016

Introducing Health and Safety - Office Skills Series 2

1. What are an employer’s responsibilities when it comes to the health and safety of workers? They must provide a safe and healthy workplace by identifying the hazard, assessing the risk and controlling the risk

2. What are an employee’s responsibilities when it comes to health and safety in the workplace? Cooperate with employer and any safety plan that has been set by that workplace in a given situation

3. If a potential hazard is identified, what steps should be taken to control the hazard? Try to eliminate the hazard, if that can’t be done then we’d need to try to engineer a solution to the problem. If that doesn’t work then administrative protection will have to be taken.

4.In what ways is ergonomic furniture better than standard chairs and tables? They are adjustable, meaning that anybody is able to fit in them. They are also compatible with the handicaps of disabled people.

5.Give two examples of each of the following hazards:-
Tipping filing cabinet
Damaged power cords
poor lighting
Inappropriate office temperature and ventilation
White out
Heat radiating from the printer
Gradual onset injuries

6. Suggest ways that the potential hazards above might be eliminated or controlled? Inform the staff about health and safety procedures and priorities, train the staff in health and safety procedures and skills necessary to carry out these procedures and supervision will be necessary to be certain that all staff are following the health and safety rules that have been put in place.

7. What are overuse injuries and how might these types of injuries by avoided? Overuse injuries are injuries that occur over a long period of time due to a repetitive task which causes minimal damage to the body if done once, but causes serious damage when done multiple times. Manual handling injuries, noise related injuries,...
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