Health and Safety - level 3 Teaching Assistant

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Task 1: Health and Safety in your Environment

Task 1 links to learning outcome 1.1

There are a number of health and safety requirements to include when you plan indoor and outdoor areas and services for children and young people.

Describe the key factors that you will need to take into consideration to prepare a healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environment for the following scenarios;

A group of brownies aged 9-10 years, are joining other local brownie packs, to take part in a sponsored swim at a local leisure centre. They will walk together to the event, but individual parents will collect their child at the end. The girls are excited to hear that a photographer from a local paper will be there for a whole group photo.

It needs to be clear where, if anywhere, is available for parents to watch. Ideally the pool and dressing rooms should be booked out to the brownies only. Brownies need to stay in their packs and not mix together to allow leaders to easily check if they have everyone. The pack may also be divided into separate groups each with a leader Children should walk in pairs and ware fluorescent jackets so they are visible to traffic. The best route for walking should be worked out prior to the event to make sure there is a good path to walk on and to avoid major roads if possible. Each group leader needs to know who is picking each child up to ensure safety for the children. There needs to be a clear procedure in place for parents picking children up. Permission for photography needs to be obtained prior to the event as some children may not want/be allowed their picture in the paper. The photo should only be taken in an area away from the pool when the children are fully clothed in their uniform. Children will need to wear appropriate clothing for the weather when walking. Children will need access to somewhere to sit whilst awaiting their turn and must be supervised by adult during this time. They should also be accompanied to the toilets by an approved, CRB checked adult. Children must walk when around the poolside.

Ensure there is a first aider within the adult helpers and enough staff on duty at the pool, that are CRB checked.

A nursery outing has been planned to visit the library, which is local and within walking distance. The children will have some stories read to them and library is providing them with a drink and snack.

The ratio of child to adult is smaller with nursery children so, the staff need to ensure they have enough adults well in advance. Children and staff need to wear fluorescent jackets whilst walking and must be in pairs, holding hands. The safest route must be taken including looking for crossings where children need to crossing the road. One of the staff members must be a first aider.

Check there is a safe area where children can hear the stories preferably where members of the public cannot go or an area that can be blocked off for the children and staff only. Check children’s requirements for diets. Some may have allergies or need to avoid certain things. Some may not be allowed juice. Check the toilet arrangements in the library. staff will need to make sure they are empty before the children can go in.

A year 2 primary school class is being taken by coach for a day trip to the zoo. Extra parent helpers have been requested. They will have the chance to visit the petting zoo just before lunch and should see the popular “penguin parade” before they have to leave.

Have enough helpers to divide into groups of 4-6 pupils to ensure accountability Ensure the coach has seat belts for the journey and is in good repair. The coach driver must have a CRB.
There must be a first aider on the trip with a first aid kit. The coach company needs to have a contingency plan in case of breakdown. You must take with you details of every child – medical issues, dietary requirements, inhalers, sick buckets for the coach, emergency contact numbers etc... Children must...
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