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It is vital that organisations abides by specific health and safety laws to ensure that not employee is harmed within the workplace. Firstly most organisations would consider the hazards of the workplace; these are the factors that could potentially harm, damage or injure someone or something during processes used by the organisation. Then most organisations would consider the risk of each hazard, this means the probability of the hazard actually causing harm or injury [1]. Identifying the hazards and risks, allows the organisation to work out specific precautions that would help to minimise the risk by creating rules or regulations within the work place. Most organisations would show this evaluation of health and safety in their workplace as a risk assessment, which is very important because it allows both employers and employees to know how to be safe and what precautions they need to take in order to reduce the possibility of someone or something being damaged [2].


The Health and Safety at Work Act also known as the ‘HSAWA’ or ‘HSW’ was introduced in 1974. The Act was created to ensure that the workplaces of all organisations protect ‘the health, safety and welfare of persons at work’ [3]. It involves identifying the hazards in each department of the organisation to reduce the risks in the process or method that the employees used to make the product or develop the service provided. Furthermore the Act prohibits the use of extremely hazardous, dangerous and flammable products unless the risk assessment specifically shows how the hazards will be prevented, for example the use of protective clothing like lab coats, gloves and goggles but also the high supervision that there would need to be in order for the process which uses the substance to be allowed to continue. The substances might not just be hazardous to employees but to the environment, the Health and Safety at Work Act attempts to reduce the amount of harmful emissions that are given out into the atmosphere. In addition it can include the stability of the workplace by analysing the buildings condition to ensure that the building isn’t likely to collapse when employees are at work, also it ensures that the work place has special safety features like fires doors so that the risk of employees being burn in a fire is reduced [3].

The employer of the organisation is responsible for committing to the regulations of the Health and Safety at Work Act and maintaining the use of the risk assessment throughout the work place, mainly by creating a specific written safety policy that can easily be understood by employees which shows suitable precautions on the risk assessment. It is the duty of the employer to provide the correct training for all members of staff to ensure everyone has a strong understanding of the health and safety regulations. The appropriate training can be given from attending health and safety courses; also the employer has to give the staff the equipment that they need to be safe in the workplace including protective equipment as precautions to reduce the risk of the hazard. The workplace must be considered as a safe environment by the government; this means that the organisation must provide emergency procedures (like fire drills) and specific first aid facilities if a hazard did harm an employee. Most organisations ensure that his happens by using safety signs indicating things like fire exits and reminders of precautions to take when using certain equipment or substances [4].

Furthermore the employer has to make sure that materials and resources are stored properly in safe environments to stop anything getting contaminated or broken. Substances need to be controlled to make sure that the risk of explosive or high flammable substances from causing a fire is reduced as much as possible. The transportation of the materials is also...
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