health and safety HSc025 CU308P

Topics: Occupational safety and health, The Residents, Risk Pages: 9 (4257 words) Published: January 8, 2015
HSC025 & CU308P – Promote and implement health and safety in health and social care.
Health and safety work act, the health and safety work act was put in place to ensure all employers are keeping their employees safe whilst at work (within reasonably practical) they will be looking after their health and safety. For example ensuring they are capable of completing a task whilst at work using the right equipment to help them for example a hoist. Manual handling operations regulations, the manual handling operation operations regulation 1992, applies to you when you take part in manual handling in the work place. It guides you and helps you reduce the number or accidents or injuries that could occur to you from taking part in manual handling. Many injuries can occur to you when you are manual handling such as back pain. Before every use of manual handling you have to assess the operation you are going to carry out and see which would be the best way to carry out the task and the risk-free way, it is also essential that the employee is provided with the right training which is essential in using any manual handling apparatus. Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations, this is a set of regulations created by the health and safety at work. It states that all apparatus used should be safe and fit for purpose, everyone who will be carrying out these tasks using the apparatus/machinery should be suitably trained to use it and all equipment should be kept and maintained in a safe condition. Examinations and inspections should be carried out every 6 months or every year. Control of substances to health, (COSHH) is to reduce the risk of diseases or illnesses resulting from exposure to hazardous substances. There should be appropriate control measures for storing these substances such as a room that is locked at all times and only few people can access it with a key, that employees using the substances use the expected measures of responsibility that is expected of them for example: not leaving them lying around where someone could cause harm to themselves. These regulations apply to a wide range of substances which can be inhaled, ingested, injected and absorbed through the skin. Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations, - these regulations were created so that employees or employers or the responsible persons are responsible for reporting death, serious workplace injuries or accidents or serious/dangerous illnesses and diseases. 1.2- health and safety policy- moving and handling with the residents must be don’t properly and only allowed if you have been given the correct training, security measures are out into place such as CCTV and restricted areas only staff can access with a key fob, risk assessments done correctly and on time, reporting important information back to the nurses or manager whether it be about abuse or a sudden change is residents behaviour e.g. they have become unwell very suddenly, given the correct PPE, employees must give the appropriate personal care to the resident to the best of their ability, making sure you follow nurses instructions, for example such as a residents diet has changed from normal to puree and if wasn’t followed there would be a risk of choking etc., knowing how important your own personal safety is and not doing anything you aren’t comfortable or confident in doing by yourself, also reporting any injuries inflicted to you. Fire safety policy- go to appropriate training, regular fire drills to ensure we keep ourselves up to date, make sure everyone reads the fire safety policy and knows the assembly points, make sure everyone knows how to report and react to a fire and understands what to do, how to react to a resident (depending on what has happened) Infection control policy- appropriate PPE is given, employees know which residents have infections so that they know which appropriate PPE to wear, a strict hand washing regime is put into place...
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