Health and Safety Gap Analysis

Topics: Management, Occupational safety and health Pages: 3 (570 words) Published: April 30, 2014
Health and Safety GAP Analysis

1. GAP Analysis and GANT chart.

This was a good start and gave us something to aim for. We have made some progress but not enough. It didn’t really tackle the serious issues and had a poor starting point in the GAP analysis (should have been a risk assessment). Many initiatives have failed due to poor information flow and management commitment.

2. Management buy-in

Not enough support from all Managers at all levels. “We are too busy” was a common phrase heard, IOSH guidance on Safety management systems states that “Managers need to manage health and safety issues effectively, no matter how busy they are and whatever their workload”. E.g., Kev too busy for training

Alex all sorts of issues
David very good
No action on recommendations.
Heath and safety is seen as a secondary business activity, not as a primary consideration. Everyone has suggestions to improve health and Safety at Barfoots but most are not willing to take action when required. Low attendance at the committee meetings, I feel as though they are a waste of time

3. Health and safety committee

Nothing is ever sorted out as there is low attendance
I would suggest forming a new committee formed by safety representatives from each area of the business. Safety reps would need training in health and safety and allowed time to discharge their duties.

4. My role

Heath and safety management is not just about one person, but about the whole organisation working towards a common goal, ‘the reduction of accidents and incidents’. At the moment all of this has been put on me. I sometimes feel confused as to what action to take next.

Because people disregard actions I find it hard to keep track of what needs to be done. I am sometimes used as a backup because no one else is there at the time. IE water jug, signs, etc. What authority do I have?

I need to spend more time on policy, organization and auditing than I do and less time on the daily...
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