Health and Safety for a Wearehouse

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A. Introduction:
1. Scope
We are safety officers of ‘UFV All Star Dreamers’ and we are evaluating the Occupational Health and Safety Plan of a Wal-Mart warehouse, located in Vancouver on GrandView Hwy. This is their main warehouse; all the products are shipped distributed from this location to all the other stores in Fraser Valley region. The main warehouse has 160 employees, 125 of which are unionized workers on the floor, and 35 of which are paid on salary and work with management. The warehouse has three different shifts: morning, afternoon, and graveyard. The warehouse is divided into three different zones which are shipping / receiving, storage and the office. Our group visited the safety white board, which said that the warehouse has been 149 days and counting without a lost time injury. In the unfortunate event that an injury should occur, all the employees are covered with Work Safe BC.

One of the members on the Health and Safety evaluation team used to work at this Wal-Mart warehouse. Our group met with Debra Picton, Wall-mart’s warehouse Occupational Health and Safety supervisor. Debra took us on a warehouse tour, provided us with information on the company, and allowed us to ask her questions regarding Wall-mart’s safety polices. She was extremely friendly and helpful. The fact that she was so accommodating allowed us to absorb a vast amount of information in just a few short hours.

2. Health and Safety policy 366
3. Responsibility
4. Safety Coordinator

B. Fundamentals For All Work-Sites:
1. New Employee Health and Safety Orientation
Successful safety policies and programs are often a part of the orientation for new recruits in organizations. While all places of business and industry will not have identical orientation programs the general and more relevant health and safety laws and policies that should be introduced upon employment. Health and safety orientation training is intended to educated new employees about their individual rights, responsibilities and contribution to the company’s safety culture. The training adheres to the company’s Instructional System Design Model. This model dictates how the orientation and training structures should be conducted. It also identifies training needs based on in-depth evaluations of each designated zone. The orientation must include right-to-know information involving workplace safety and critical information regarding safety roles, polices and standard operating procedures (Kelloway 2011 pg 239). All new employees should receive: • Emergency procedures for fire and emergency safety

• First Aid stations and reporting of accidents and incidents • Hazards that could easily be present in the workplace • Location of personal protective gear and clothing
• WHMIS Training (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) • JOHSC role (Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee) o how to be a member of the committee
• Employee roles and responsibilities
• Education on site equipment (forklift, dollies, ladders etc.) • Job-specific workplace rules, instructions, safety procedures, housekeeping produces and safety awareness (Kelloway 2011 pg 239). Part of Wal-Mart’s preamble to new associates states: “As an associate of Wal-Mart, always comply with all relevant health and safety laws and policies. By following these, we can create and maintain a safe shopping and working environment for our customers, members, and associates” (Wal-Mart Statement of Ethics 2008).

2. Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan (EEOP)
It is important for any company to have an emergency response and evacuation plan. EEOP’s are developed by employers to ensure the safety of employees from unexpected hazards. Employers are obligated by WCB to establish a working evacuate plan, for all employees. This plan should be written and posted in a public space with easy access. There should also be good alarm facilities, emergency...

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85 db(a) page # 126
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