Health and Safety

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Task 2 Legislation (P2) (M1)
The Government produced the legislation ‘Manual Handling regulations 1992’; they produced this legislation to help protect staff and service user from harming themselves. In health and social care settings managers produce a policy to help prevent accidents and harm coming to their staff and the service users who come into the hospital. To help control the legislation certain lifting techniques of patients were banned due to future problems with back problems of staff and the harm of patients/ service users when being lifted or moved about. The Government produced the legislation ‘Data Protection Act 1998’; they produced this legislation to help protect service users, businesses, people who do not know us from people gaining information about ourselves or other people without permission. This legislation was produced to help keep personal information about people confidential, on computers, in filing cabinets, and spoken information. The legislation would include keeping computers password locked, filing cabinets locked at all times, if speaking about confidential information, room doors should be shut so no one could listen in. In health and social care settings they would follow this legislation by writing a policy on how to keep the data and information confidential such as keeping computers password locked and getting rid of data and information to make sure it gets destroyed. The Government produces the legislation ‘COSHH stands for Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health’; they produced this legislation to help protect working staff and service users from harmful substances. Health and social care settings have marked how much of the harmful substance that their employees can come into contact with without becoming harmed by the substance. Health and social care settings help with the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and training awareness sessions which all working staff should undertake. Task 3 Risk Assessment (P3), (M2), (D1)

Something with the potential to cause harm and potential risk Likelihood of injury (M2)
Severity of injury (M2)
Bed Recommendations for change (M2)
To remove risk or reduce likelihood or severity
No bed rails on plaster room beds.
Moderately high as once the patient is being brought up if their leg has been broken they could fall of the bed. (4) Depending on age and infirmity of the patient if fallen off the bed. To remove the risk put small rails onto the bed which will reduce the risk of the patient falling off Wheelchair left outside plaster room and wasn’t against the wall. Could trip over and cause injury. (3)

Could break a bone, depending on age and how hard the fall.
To remove risk-don’t leave wheelchairs in middle of corridors unattended. Defibulator trolley left out in corridor with a lead and plug left unplugged next to it. Service user could step on plug or on the trolley. (3)

Could affect a patients walking ability, if hurt foot on the plug. To remove risk- when it is left unplugged either wrap up the wire or plug it into a socket so the wire

Wires from consultants’ desk left dangling.
Patient could fall or trip causing injury such as a fracture. (4) If patient or staff could break a bone could be out of work. To remove risk – try not to leave wires around the floor or use tape to lower risk of someone tripping.

Within a hospital there are many potential hazards which could cause harm to service users and staff. Some hazards can be very minor to very severe depending on the hazard which is occurring. One of the hazards that I found in the hospital setting were bed rails not on beds in the plaster room, the likelihood of the injury is moderately high considering how high the bed is being brought up to make the cast or how the patient copes being high up on a bed as they may fall off or try to get off and cause harm to themselves. The patient should always be supervised and made...
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