Health and Physical Fitness Strategy

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16 Jan 13
CO 11 CF H Svcs

1.To summarize the information contained in the Canadian Forces Health and Physical Fitness Strategy for the primary care providers of 11 CF H Svcs C Shilo (Flag A).

2. The Canadian population from which the Canadian Forces draws its recruits is becoming increasingly sedentary resulting in higher levels of obesity and decreased levels of health and fitness. Even within the CF it was recognized that annual physical fitness testing and periodic medical examinations alone were not sufficient to achieve expected health standards of its members. To stress the importance of appropriate lifestyle behaviours and to meet adequate levels of physical fitness the CF published the Health and Physical Fitness Strategy. The goal of this strategy was to guide and support endeavours to improve awareness and emphasize physical education and health promotion to meet CF operational requirements (Flag B, Flag C, and Flag D).


3.To effectively deal with the multiple factors that influence health and physical fitness in the CF it has been recognized that the efforts of commanding officers, medical personnel, dieticians, physical educators, and fitness personnel must be coordinated at all levels. In order to achieve this coordination the CF Health and Physical Fitness Strategy was developed to organize each group’s efforts under 3 unifying concepts (Flag A):

3 Key Strategy Concepts:

1. Leadership: The chain of command for each unit is accountable and responsible for individual and unit health and physical fitness. Leadership will be shown by example.

2. Motivation: CF personnel will be provided with meaningful reasons to become and stay healthy and physically fit. All boards will address physical fitness in merit and selection process.

3. Facilitation: Resources will be available to make it easier for CF...
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