Health and Making Healthier Decisions

Topics: Health, Personal life, Medicine Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Choices to Becoming Healthy
Thesis: It is important to make the right choices when it comes to living and being healthier. Introduction
I. Being skinny is not what makes a person healthy. There are many different factors that lead into living a healthy life. II. Today I will talking about different choices we can choose to make our lives healthier. Making healthy decisions can help us live longer, feel better every day, and lead happier lives. III. I have researched this topic extensively and have done many papers over it as well. I have also always been a very active person. My mother was overweight throughout her high school and college years so she always made sure I was doing something that kept my body moving, whether it was playing tennis, golfing, or biking. IV. Health is defined as the general condition of the body or mind. V. Making healthier decisions can dramatically change your life. Feeling and looking better can help you in so many different aspects of your life. Everyone in this class, including myself, could change something, whether it be a big or small change, to become a healthier person. VI. Today I will help everyone see why you should become healthier, the consequences of some common bad health habits, and some helpful tips when trying to become healthier. Transition: Let's take a look at why everyone should become healthier. Body

I. Making healthier decisions will have many positive impacts on your life such as, A. Self-confidence.
1. When a person becomes healthier and feels better, they usually gain self-confidence. Most people can relate to that feeling you get when you fit back into your old skinny jeans or a shirt that you thought that never in a million years you would fit into again, and when you do you immediately feel like nothing can bring you down! 2. According to, when our self-confidence is high, our relationships with everyday people tend to improve. B. Anti-aging

1. It is obvious that a...

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