Health and Life

Topics: Psychology, Instinct, Behavior Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: May 6, 2013
1st October 2012
HE 100
Health and Life My health has a lot to do with how I live my life. I exercise and eat healthy to keep in good shape and try my best not to eat too many fatty foods. IfI’m sick or ill, my daily routine is ruined and I cant get anything done because all of my energy is being used to get better, so I try to take good care of my immune system by consuming a lot of vitamin c. I cant just be physically healthy to live a well, I also worry about my social, spiritual, environmental, emotional, and intellectual health that also have to be in perspective in order for me to be balanced in how I live my life. Basically, everybody has to take care of him or herself in some way (physically, emotionally, both, etc….) in order to live a healthy and stable life.

The most basic animal instinct a human has is survival. Now I’m not in the middle of the jungle surviving on nothing by my self, but I am an adult now and am learning to survive on my own. I work to pay for my bills, eat, drink, and have a roof over my head and go to school to get an education for my future. If I were to end up in a bad situation like a plane crash or ship wreck, id go into immediate survival mode and do things differently than I would usually do at home and just do the basic needs to survive. Every animal and human has this instinct even if they know it or not. Survival is the key to understand how to survive if disaster happens or in the real world today.

Humans are produced from two forces: Heredity (Instinctive Behavior) and our interactions within our environment (Learned Behavior). I can tell by now which behaviors come from which side of the family and what behaviors I have learned from what I have seen. For example, my instinct behavior to be anxious and depressed came from my mom’s side because anxiety and depression run through my mother’s family’s blood (heredity). One behavior I have...
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