Health Analysis Paper

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Binge drinking Pages: 4 (1869 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Personal health is something that everyone needs to be concerned with, but not many people are. I’ve noticed that in the recent months, my personal health has not been what it used to be. I’ve only come to this conclusion after starting to track a few health aspects in my life. The aspects of my personal health that I chose to track for a month includes nutrition, physical health issues, and alcohol use. I chose to track these three specific parts of my personal health because they are the most important to me. Like most females my age, weight is very important, and trying to lose weight must be done through nutrition. Also, I have a few health issues, such as asthma, thyroid disease, and severe anxiety that I need to work on. Finally, being twenty-two years old, alcohol is part of my life. This being said, I need to monitor how many times a month I drink, and how much I drink when I choose to. Since October fourth, I’ve recorded all of my food intake, alcohol intake, the medications I’ve taken, doctor’s appointments, as well as how I’ve controlled some of my health issues. Going over the information I’ve tracked has made me realize that I need to make major changes, and the information we’ve learned throughout this semester has given me ways to do so.

Eating well is a very hard thing to do when working two jobs as well as going to school. I chose to track what I eat because I am currently trying to lose twenty pounds, and obviously eating healthy is a must to achieve this goal. Also, by tracking what I eat on a day-to-day basis, I can see why I’m not losing as much weight as I’d like to be losing. After a month of tracking, I’ve found that I tend to snack a lot, and when I chose to snack is was usually a bag of chips, or a couple cookies. Also, I noticed that I tend to eat a lot worse on the weekends than on the weekdays. Throughout the week, I don’t eat too much, and when I do it is usually grilled chicken or some type of frozen diet meal that...
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