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Revised Proposal
It is a well-known fact that the growth and development of a child begins from the mother’s womb. Right from the development of the child in the mother’s womb even at the time of birth and also till the child grows older. The child needs special care nutrition and regular health checkups. It is an obligatory duty of the parents as well as the birth right of the child to get the proper care and the nutrition. Infect the first nutrition of the child is provided by the mother through the breast milk till six months after which the child needs some supplementary food in addition to mother’s milk. If the child does not get the balanced diet, the child becomes the victim of malnutrition. Mother’s milk is a complete balanced diet and even protects the child from various fatal diseases. A mother and a child has a very deep relation with each other. A mother’s health and diet has a direct influence over the child. That is why a mother play an important role in framing a healthy life cycle. A mother’s mortality and the child’s mortality have an inseparable connection. There are enormous reasons that lead to the abnormality in the child’s physical as well as mental health. A few of these include unavailability of mother’s milk lack of awareness, poverty, no proper health checkup, illiteracy and unemployment. Child marriage, sex discrimination frequent deliveries, without a proper gap between two children, unavailability of supplementary food etc. All of these issues intern increase the child’s as well as the mother’s mortality rate. At the time of pregnancy as well as at time of delivery, proper nutrition as well as proper care are equally important. But unfortunately in India, the women’s social, economic as well the nutritional situation is far below the standards. No doubt the Indian Government has taken various steps for the betterment of women. But the situation has not improved much.

A healthy mother delivers a healthy baby and vice versa. That is why it is very essential for a woman that during pregnancy and even after delivery she should take Nutritious food and go for regular health checkups. During pregnancy the women should have a regular intake of nutritious food like fruits, proteins food etc., because during this period a women needs a lot of energy. A woman should take iodized salt during pregnancy and afterwards so as to avoid any mental and physical problem in the child. As per the W.H.O. report every year throughout the world about 50-60 lakhs women die during pregnancy or at the time of delivery. This does not affect only individual family but affects the whole society. That is why till the health situation of women ins not improved we cannot think of a healthy and developed world.

My Ph.D. research was regarding the nutrition rights of girl child particularly in the district of Basti U.P. During this research the nutrition and health condition of both pregnant and lactating mother was found to be worsen and was found to be the main cause of health problem of children. So the researcher found that there is a need of research to know about the nutrition as well as the health condition of the pregnant and lactating women as well. But this in itself is a vast study and demands a separate research that the research aims to fulfill through her P.D.F. During this research the researcher intends to bring out the actual picture of the health and nutrition situation of the women in the district of Basti, U.P. It is worth to mention that not a single study has been done in the district Basti far on this issue by any researcher. So it will be really a basal framework for further research . It can also serve the upcoming researchers to understand the nutritional issue of district Basti to a certain extent. This is the main aim of the P.D.F. research ....

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