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Introduction to Professional Practice
Personal Reflection on Readings

                              My personal reflection

The definition of nutrition has been changing with in past years. Many people might think that nutrition is only what is being eaten in human life and others would think of it as human health. Although the meaning is not only what is being eat or the health, nutrition is actually described as "biological, social and environmental dimensions together"(p.697,Beauman, C, 2005, September). Myself, I always thought of it as what I eat and did not consider it as part of my health  until  I entered  university and start studying  the definition of health. At some points in life my point of view changed, and this in turn changed my habits.  It is important whether these changes are positive or negative.  Generally, in society, eating habits have been changing in a negative way in my opinion, and that is due to fast foods and people not giving any attention to what and where they are eating.   Comparing Iran's eating habits from before and our older generations I can clearly see that my grandparents had a healthier life. This is the case even though now foods are more complex and have more nutrients in them. Also, trajectories (p.116, Wethington, May 1, 2005, p.#?) are an important aspect as well, as people’s interest in tobacco and smoking has increased from before and that harms human’s life the most (p.115 Wethington, Elaine, May/Jun 2005). For me, one of the most important turning points of my life that had an influence on my health and nutrition was moving from Iran to Canada and realizing that people are more interested in fast foods and having their lifetime mostly outside of home due to universities, workplaces and a general lack of time. However, after some time and realizing this is not what I want for my own life I tried to change my habits to what it was before...

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