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Topics: Exercise, Health care, Obesity Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: March 12, 2014
Luke Bilbao
Sharon Jalene
KIN 175 SEC 1003
The goal of Healthy People is to provide evidence-based health objectives and strategies to help empower Americans to make informed decisions. Healthy People is a program that emphasizes prevention, including lifestyle choices. The program also endeavors to eliminate disparities in health behavior and health outcomes, because risk factors are linked to issues like socio-economic class (“About Healthy People,” 2012). Objectives are linked to public policy, too, as many of the health objectives pertain to improving community resources related to health such as improving public parks, boosting physical education in schools, and adding bicycle lanes in cities. Included in the Healthy People program are specific ten-year objectives to improve public and personal health in America. The “Data” section of Healthy People 2020 is called Data2020. Data 2020 is an interactive tool designed to help people and health care professionals. The “Leading” section is for community leaders who wish to use the Healthy People 2020 objectives to spearhead initiatives, programs, and resources in their communities. For example, I can use the evidence-based resources to develop a business plan to attract investors who will build a new skate park in my community so that young people can get more exercise. For inspiration, I can read about successful programs in other states. Each program that is registered with Healthy People 2020 is tracked for its progress in meeting the stated objectives of its initiatives. Healthy People 2020 encompasses a wide variety of health topics, from HIV to occupational safety. Although several of the topics pertain directly to my family and community, two of the most important topics that apply to my social world include physical activity and nutrition/weight status. The goal of the Healthy People physical activity category is to “improve health, fitness, and quality of life through daily physical...

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