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Importance of Handwashing Term Papers

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Importance of HandwashingYou will teach an adult individual about the importance of handwashing and teach proper handwashing technique. You will evaluate the effectiveness of your learner assessment and teaching strategy based on a measurable client learning outcomes.

Format for Importance of Handwashing Term Paper:

This scholarly paper will follow APA format.
The paper is to be 5 to 7 pages, excluding the bibliography. Reference at least 3 journal articles of texts (published within the past 5 years) that provide support or rationale for your teaching and learning strategies based on your learner assessment and teaching effectiveness evaluation. Go to the Canadian Centre for Occupational and Safety at and read the article, “Handwashing: Reducing the Risk of Common Infections” to familiarize yourself with the proper technique and rationale. At the website select OHS Answers from the menu bar and click on Diseases, Disorders & Injuries Link. Select the article from the menu bar.

Learner Assessment for Importance of Handwashing Term Paper:

Identify any barriers to communication that you will have to overcome, how you will overcome there barriers (cultural, language, hearing, vision, physical, or cognitive), and provide support from the literature. Assess your learner’s learning style an provide rationale for learning strategies for this type of learner with support from the literature. Assess your learner’s knowledge needs regarding regular handwashing. Assess your learner’s values and attitudes about handwashing benefits. Assess your learner’s readiness to learn and support your evidence with findings from the literature.

Teaching and...
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