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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
Grand Canyon University: NRS-310V Spirituality in Health Care

Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
Compassionate care fueled by love and commitment is the basis of the Healing Hospital concept. The main mission is to improve health. Healing is enabled in many different ways; spiritually, physically, emotionally, and holistically. The Healing Hospital concept is made up of three main components; a healing physical environment, the integration of work design and technology, and a culture of Radical Loving Care. Several challenges and complexities can affect whether a care facility may be able to become a Healing Hospital. Financial restrictions, finding the right people to staff the facility, and the layout of the existing structure are some examples of the challenges. Two passages from the bible support the concept of the Healing Hospital. One speaks of quiet and peace, while the other addresses compassion. Components of the Healing Hospital Concept

A Healing Physical Environment
Healing Hospitals aim to create healing environments that offer comfort, compassionate care, and meeting of spiritual and emotional needs. The environment should also promote self-healing (Zarren, n.d.) and be calming and visually appealing. According to Laurie Eberst, in order to promote healing, it is important that the environment be quiet, giving the patient a chance to sleep with minimum disruptions (2008). Having a calm environment can help lessen the stress of disease and help the patient and family concentrate on the task at hand: healing. These environments are not only for the patient’s benefits, but for all that enter the hospital. When the staff is able to feel comfortable and cared for while providing care to the patients and family members, it reflects in the health care workers’ demeanor and performance. This also holds true for the family members of the patient, when they feel supported and loved, they are able to cope better and to help their loved one heal (Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, 2012). An environment that offers love, compassion, and spiritual freedom often lends to the promotion of healing and reduction of stress and hurt.

Integrating Work Design and Technology
In order for any hospital to be effective in treating patients, they must be up to date with their diagnostic equipment and machines, have an efficient layout, and offer other technology and tools to the patients, staff, and visitors. Having technology can expedite test results and lead to faster treatment and care. Technology can also help the health care team correspond faster and more clearly. Such examples of technology for the patient’s and family’s benefits and comfort are interactive videos of what their disease or care may involve, ease of access to their provider or nurse, and calming music (Anonymous, 2009). Privacy is an important component to any individual’s care. It is understandable that someone would want to mend without a barrage of curiosity or questions from those who do not need to know the private details. It is essential when planning a layout of the floors, that patients are afforded privacy and security, while giving the staff efficient access to patient rooms, nurse’s stations and supplies. A Culture of Radical Loving Care

The idea and philosophy of “Radical Loving Care” was brought about by Erie Chapman. This care depends on the commitment, compassion, and consistency of the health care providers. If these elements are not included, then healing can be affected, and the hospital would not truly be a “Healing Hospital.” Mr. Chapman’s philosophy reminds health care workers why they first decided to become involved in the care of people, and “promotes the healing of patients through a holistic approach that meets not only the patient’s physical needs but also his or her emotional and spiritual needs” (Eberst, 2008). Addressing and meeting the spiritual needs of the patient and family plays a...

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