Healing Hospital

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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
As health care providers, it is natural to want to heal the patients completely. Today, many people are wanting and needing more from their health care system. The healing hospital paradigm incorporates the process of physical healing, as well as the mind and spiritual healing (Erie Chapman Foundation, 2009). Spirituality is the foundation of the meaning of life. For some, the foundation is built on religion and for others it may include things like music, art, family or the community (Erie Chapman Foundation, 2009). This paper will identify the concepts of a healing hospital, technological advances, and the physical design of the hospital, along with the culture in which promotes a holistic approach to total patient care.

When planning to create a healing environment in a hospital setting, the most important thing to remember is the patient. Healing environments give the patients a sense of comfort, and a sense of safety. This type of environment helps the patient and family cope with the stressors of injury and illness. The components of a healing environment include three important elements. The first is a healing physical environment, which encompasses not only how to care for the patient, but to care for their families, caregivers and also the members of staff (Eberst, 2008). A healing environment should focus on reducing noise levels as well as fewer night time interruptions of sleep, this is known to promote rest and healing. Providing a room with a focus on lighting, music, color and architectural design, can also promote healing (Ananth, Kreisberg, & Jonas, 2011). Working in a quieter environment helps staff enjoy an overall less stressed area to do their work, which results in fewer errors. The next component of importance is that of an integrating work design with new technology. This focus is on patient privacy, a more efficient work environment for staff, and advanced technology in the hospital to...

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