Healing Dreams

Topics: Carl Jung, Unconscious mind, Sigmund Freud Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: December 1, 2008
“A healing dream seems to demand its own being in the world” (Marc B. pg. 34 p. 6). What sets apart a healing dream from a little dream, which Jung refers to as the everyday dream made from everyday experiences (Tick pg. 68 p. 9), is that these dreams are transformational. You wake up from them feeling different, knowing that something within you is changed or is going to change. John Sanford says, “When we have an image of what is happening within us, this same power of the unconscious is healing and transformative.” (pg. 34 para. 2) These dreams can work as a warning or shed some light on a problem that you are having. In Barasch’s book, Healing Dreams, he tells of a woman’s dream that led her to get a second opinion on her fibroid tumors. The dream is as follows: I am on an old-fashioned plane that’s waiting on the runway. There’s a woman outside the window trying to warn me about something. She is frantic, hanging on the window, but I’m not paying attention. The plane begins to taxi and the woman runs alongside. A handle of the plane _catches on the woman’s overall strap, forcing her to run faster and faster to keep up, trying desperately to get my attention. She is sure she’ll have to lose her feet in the effort to warn me-she imagines the bottom of her legs with just exposed bone-but this is nothing compared to the danger if this plane takes off. (Barasch pg. 63 p. 1)_ This woman awoke with a feeling of urgency and felt it related to her current health problems. She had been told in the first place that the fibroids were not serious, but after having this dream she got a second opinion and it turned out that the fibroids were cancerous. The dream itself had nothing to do with cancer but the feelings she felt upon from waking up urged her to get the second opinion. Barasch points out that healing dreams tend to have a peculiar persistence. (pg. 21 para. 3) A woman named Alice had this dream: It is a foggy night. I am standing near an old post office. I...
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