Heal the World Song Analysis

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"Heal the world" by Michael Jackson
"Heal the world" is a song about love, care and need. Michael Jackson sings to appeal to people to give their love and care to the children who are suffering from wars and poverty, making the world a better and warmer place to live. It's a moving song and lights the hope of the future for needy children. The form of "Heal the world" is Verse-chorus with a coda at the end. The main instrumentation used in this song is piano, percussion, guitar and some strings. The song begins with some aside of an innocent child, and there is some background sound showing happy children laughing and playing. From the first verse to the second verse, Michael's voice is soft, tender and bright. The tempo of the song is moderato throughout and it is duple meter. Starting from the bridge section, the singer's emotion is pushed to a higher point. It has more dynamics and the people who are singing the harmony joining in makes this section more powerful when singing the phrase "be god's glow". When the third chorus begins, the harmony part gets more dynamics, and the emotion of the song is boosted by rising tone to a higher pitch in the fourth chorus and even another higher pitch in the fifth. The final chorus reached the climax of the whole song. I can feel the strong emotion to appeal to the people to care children in homophonic way. At the coda section, the song adopts polyphonic texture, and the phrases "for you and for me" and "heal the world we leave in, save it for our children" seem to be swirling in listeners' mind for a long time. This is a moving song, and the way Michael performed it made the song impressive and inspiring. Its power conveyed through the song will last for long.
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