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Miranda Marschall
Cynthia Meo
November 10,2014
Head start Reflection
I learned a lot from out class field trip to the Central ave Headstart school. One thing I thought I was very inclusive was that the school has classrooms with fifty percent special ed children and fifty percent normally developing children to especially prepare the special ed children for regular kindergarten classes. The positive aspects of this program is that they really work to help out the entire family and keep them very included. Another aspect I appreciated about this program is that they created a garden with the children and taught them to weed, water and pick the vegetables. They also got to eat what they grew in their garden. They also are very inclusive to special needs children and gets all children prepared for kindergarten. Head start differs from other early childhood programs I have learned about because they do home visits and involves the parents a lot with what the children's goals are. Also, they have family style meals, and teach the children to set up their own places, open up their own milk,serve and help clean up after themselves. Socialization takes place during meal time along with critical thinking games. I think it is a very important concept to keep family's involved in the program and their child's life. This program is literacy based and they include books about every center for the children to read and learn about what they are doing in the classroom. The idea of their cozy corner for children to go into when they are emotional is a very good idea I think. I also appreciated how all of the furniture in the classrooms were children sized. If I had unlimited resources, I would give the program more funding for a bigger school and more space. The classrooms seemed a little cramped for the amount of children they have there. Overall I think Head start is a really great program for children and I enjoyed going to see the building and learn all about it from...
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