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Good afternoon school,
My name is Iris Pene and it would be an honour for me to be your head student for 2015. For me, being a head student isn’t a title I would take lightly but a chance for me to be motivated into working with you to change our school for the better. Being in sports has helped me to become a good team player and balance my time and work effectively. Working in a team is an important quality a head student needs because like mother Teresa had said “you can do things I cannot, I can do things you cannot but together we can do great things”. This is why next year, if I become head student, I will introduce a service mentor program to ensure an easy transition for the year 6 students into highschool with the help of voluntary high school students which could contribute to their service hours and for the of the year 11 students into the challenging IB Diploma course with the mentoring and assistance of the current year 12 students for CAS hours. I’m a very approachable person and as most students and teachers may aleady know, I’m not shy to voice my opinions. So if you make me your head student, I can promise you your inquiries and opinions will not go unheard and I will try to the best of my ability to make all of your realistic and positive changes happen. Being a head student isn’t only about how organized and well spoken you can be, it’s also about how well you can lead people in the right direction. Over the years in ISN I have participated in many activities which has helped me to build my leadership qualities which include being the student representative for my year level for the years 2012, 2013 and current year 2014, being the yellow house captain (and so far so far, yellow house is in the lead with the house points!), being the school swimming captain and also after school where I have a part time job coaching a few of you for swimming with the Nadi Mako swim club. In addition to the qualities a head student should obtain, I believe...
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