Head Injuries in Football

Topics: Concussion, Traumatic brain injury, Brain Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Football Related Head Injuries
I. Attention Getter: Imagine you’re an NFL quarterback taking a three step drop, you have 5 seconds if that to get rid of the ball before a 350 pound defensive lineman comes charging at you and throws you to the ground, as your falling you slam your head against the ground causing your brain to rattle against your skull. You now have a concussion and will watch from the sideline the rest of the game. II. Thesis Statement: “No guts, No glory,” is a very popular saying when it comes to football, however is permanent brain damage worth all the glory? III. Preview of Speech: Helmets are very helpful; however they can only do so much to protect you. If a player is constantly taking blows to the head the chances of getting a concussion increase. Players can be affected by these hits even after they have stopped playing the game. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a disease that may occur up to ten years after someone stops playing the sport. IV. Body:

I. First Main Point: Concussions
A. “The human brain, although encased by a heavy-duty cranium, isn't designed for football.” Helmets do a nice job of protecting the exterior of the head and preventing skull fractures, however concussions occur within a players head when the brain bangs against the skull.

B. There is no other sport that exposes their players to as many potentially serious brain injuries as football. “High school football players alone suffer 43,000 to 67,000 concussions per year, though the true incidence is likely much higher, as more than 50% of concussed athletes are suspected of failing to report their symptoms.”

II. Second Main Point: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

A. Disease caused by repetitive head trauma.
B. Symptoms: Loss of judgment, depression, loss of impulse control, rage, memory loss, and dementia. C. Tau proteins are the marker of CTE, these proteins show up as brown stains on the...

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