Head Injuries

Topics: Concussion, Head injury criterion, Injuries Pages: 4 (1401 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Paul Cadek ENG: 1530 – Dr. Tober
Deconstruction Essay
7/10/11 Student athlete head injuries:
When is it safe to go back into the game?
As a student athlete head injuries are relevant to me because I have experienced this type of injury. After researching the topic of head injuries in athletics, I came across three articles that stood out to me. In the article “Sports Medicine and School Nurses: A Growing Need for Further Education and Appropriate Resources” by Cynthia Knight, Karen Badros, Cynthia Madden, Nancy Drewer, Penny Makuchal, the topic of sports medicine and proper treatment of injuries was examined through the experience of the authors and reliable reference sources. The article “Efforts to Prevent Concussions Target Schools: Rising Reports of Head Injuries Prompt Concert, House Proposal” by Christina Samuels, discusses the increase in head injuries in young athletes and the actions in legislation; she uses government statistics and interviews with experienced athletic trainers to support her findings. The third article, “Evaluating Concussions on the Field” by J. Delaney, discusses what a concussion is and when the concussion is no longer an issue. He uses his medical background and reliable references to support his research. This third article by J. Delaney is the best article because it helps answer the question when is it safe to return to the game through a detailed outline of the steps in assessing a head injury. Parents, students, and coaches would think that a school nurse would have the education to help with every type of injury an athlete could suffer from, but in Cynthia Knight’s et al article the opposite is stated. During physical education classes head injuries can occur. The main point of the article is that school...
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