HDF 200 Controversy Paper

Topics: Domestic violence, Spanking, Corporal punishment Pages: 4 (986 words) Published: February 2, 2015

Spanking Is Never An Effective Form Of Discipline
Olivia Romeo November 13, 2014
Prepared as a course assignment for HDF 200, University of Rhode Island

Corporal punishment is known as a physical punishment, such as hitting or abusing. Spanking a child is a form of corporal punishment which means to slap a child on the buttock. In the United States, spanking is a form of correcting a child’s behavior or a way of disciplining. The Harris survey of 1,250 adults, conducted many statistics. One statistic showed that eighty percent of American parents spank their children and believe that spanking is sometimes appropriate (National Minority Politics). Some parents think spanking should never be done, whereas other parents believe it is okay to do sometimes. Everywhere in the United States, there is a controversial issue about if spanking is right or wrong. Spanking children is a violent and offensive act, which is unethical and vile.

There is a huge controversy on that topic of spanking. There are many people in the United States that think spanking is appropriate if it is done properly. Parents who spank think that it is to show that their child is doing something wrong or dangerous. They feel as though the more they spank, the more they will behave. “In 2012, according to a nationally representative survey, 77 percent of men, and 65 percent of women 18 to 65 years old agreed that a child sometimes needs a ‘good hard spanking” (Blow, New York Times). On the other hand, other parents feel that spanking does not help in any way. Some believe it makes children more violent. Parents who do not spank believe that there are more effective ways to get their point across than to hit their own child.

Spanking can lead to many negative effects. When parents spank their children, they are showing children that “stronger” is right. When parents show physical punishment to show their...
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