Hcs Week 4 Communications Channels

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Communication Channels

Health Care Communication Strategies
HCS 320

April 07, 2013

Communication Channels
Communication is essential to promoting and marketing the newest addition in technology to an organization. There are many facets to the communication that needs distributing to ensure the largest audience is aware of the new, state-of-the-art MRI, magnetic resonance imaging. The internal staff needs to be educated and knowledgeable about the new equipment so they can help answer questions when making appointments and when talking to patients while they are in the facility. In addition to internal communication there is the external communication to inform the public through media outlets.

Internal Group Communication
Internal communication with the staff, Department Heads, and Physicians is imperative to good customer service and knowledgeable staff. Use of texts, e-mail, and informational flyers for staff are ways to communicate internally. These forms of communication allow fast, easy and effective information to reach the staff that will be using the new MRI equipment and interacting with the public who will sent to the MRI facility.

Texting is a fast growing method of communication. Internal texting within the MRI facility is a fast way to distribute messages or new information to the staff. These messages usually will be short with minimal information or used to call a meeting with the staff. Text messaging needs to be used with some caution. If the receiving staff member is not in the workplace the message can be viewed by someone who is not privy to the information. This could be a HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, violation if the wrong person sees the information sent through a text.

E-mailing internally is the most effective way to send a message to the staff, Department Heads, and Physicians. Everyone will get the same message with the same information about the MRI donor, unit, and...

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