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Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Criminal Justice Workplace Observation Paper
Pammy Ester
University of Phoenix
August 18, 2012
Robert Smith

Criminal Justice Workplace Observation
The world without prison would not have a proper criminal justice system. The law and government uses the prisons for punishment when criminal have committed a crime and other look at prison as a rehabilitate center for criminal that eventually would reunit with the society. People have there own opinion what prison is in that may be the case but people need to no that prison would always be apart of the criminal justice system. This paper will explain the climate of our agency, focusing on the organizational behavior factors that have the most significant influence, such as Leardership in all levels of management, Culture, Systems, Law, and Influential stakeholders, community groups, employees, and other agencies.

Leadership structure for a prison. The warden is first in this case and then you have the guards. The administrators have leadership as well which is pretty much being in charge of the inmates in prison. The administrators controls the inmates movements, take actions when rules are broken, punish, and even get rewarded for behavior. Some of the inmates only follow the rule because the fear of the punishment and other just have respect. The leadership role that the warden and guards have was assigned by the government. The inmates in some sense has leadership as well. The inmates have gangs or groups that they put together and have a leader that give them structure. These leaders that create groups/organization and gangs are giving this leadership position because of there ability to lead as a dictate in not a follower. These leaders have the knowledge to design structure for the gang based on loyalty. These leaders made up there own rules and regulations plus a punishment system for the gang members that disobey the rules. But for people to no these are rules inside the jail that...
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