HCS 490 Communications Paper

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Communications Paper

HCS 490

Communications Paper
In order for any business to operate efficiently, there are many things that need to be in place. One aspect that is possibly one of the most important is communication. Without effective communication, there is potential for many things to go wrong. In healthcare, there are many different forms of communication. A newer, but growing form of communication is Electronic Medical Records (EMR). EMRs are a computerized system for communication between physicians regarding patient’s medical information. Although an effective form of communication, there can be some drawbacks to this method of communication. According to Awokola, Abioye-Kuteyi, Otoru, Oyegbade, Awokola, Awokola, & Ezeoma (2012) “It is widely accepted that EMRs are superior to paper based records. This is mainly attributed to the non-availability of “multiple access” to paper records i.e. only one person or one group of people can access one paper case note per unit time. Also, natural elements easily affect paper, for example, water, fire, wind and sunlight.” The elements play a minor role in paper charts since they are stored in filing cabinets and are safe from all of these examples for the most part. However, since the electronic medical records can be accessed from practically anywhere by multiple people at a time, there does not have to be fighting over a single chart. Another benefit to the patient is that the information that is put in to the system, becomes available immediately. This means that if you were to see a specialist today, the information from your visit would be available to your primary physician instantaneously. Finally, this system could be life-saving. Emergency care providers can easily access this information and see all the pertinent information. This can be useful if a patient is unconscious, but may be allergic to a certain medication. Patient privacy is always a major concern when it comes to...

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