Hcs/465 Week 3

Topics: Scientific method, Case-control study, Research Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Are abnormal premorbid personality traits associated with?
Chauntiel Lewis
University of Phoenix

Are abnormal premorbid personality traits associated with?
Research Article
Are abnormal premorbid personality traits associated with?
Alzheimer’s disease? - A case-control study

By Helen Nicholas, Paul Moran, Catherine Foy, Richard G. Brown, Simon Lovestone, Stephanie Bryant and Harry Boothby
Part 2 of 2: Applying the Results and Conclusion of the Research Process To Problems in Health Care

The article that was reviewed “Are abnormal premorbid personality traits associated with Alzheimer’s disease? , Which is a case study, was very helpful for anyone whom may be researching such a case? The article basically provided explanations as to how the research for the article at hand. Research requires a lot of time and discipline. It is a vital process that contains specific stages, which we like leads to valid conclusions. The stages that are involved consist of selection of an issue to conduct the research on form a hypothesis, review the information that is backing up the hypothesis and also providing an explanation and formulating a useful conclusion. Case control study which was conducted within this article, consisted of participants and informants who provided consent written/verbal to have these studies done on their self’s. The research design that was used to identify and provide factors which were thought to play a role within certain medical conditions. When research is conducted there usually follows a hypothesis to be formulated. In this particular case study there were a total of 217 participants which all were diagnosed to have onset Alzheimer’s disease. The gender break down of the case study consisted of 57 males and 160 females. The control groups were composed of 76 siblings who do not have the same condition which was Alzheimer’s. The control group consisted of 32 males and 44 females and ages ranged between 61-68 years...

References: (). . Are abnormal premorbid personality traits associated with, University of Phoenix Library ().
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